Shedding The Weight Campaign 2016

shed the weight 1Rules of Engagement;

IT’S YOUR TIME! “We’re Taking The Pledge to Shed The Excess Weight in 2016” – Shedding the excess weight campaign 2016, is a virtual campaign designed to CREATE UNITY among women as we shed the unhealthy things we would like to eliminate from our lives. It’s fair to say that in some cases it may just be cutting back or tweeking our already positive behavior. For example; adopting the idea of saying “no” instead of “maybe” when you mean “no”. Have you given any thought to those areas in your life that are weighing you down? Are they necessary? Do they contribute to your well being? Do they have purpose?

Me personally, I’m shedding the weight of accepting mediocrity in some areas of my life. Yes, me. I want to be great in every aspect of my life. That means showing up great and not accepting average or ordinary in my relationships, my finances, my spiritual walk, whatever.  What about you?  What are you looking forward to shedding in 2016?

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, February 14th and during the campaign, we would like you to post a video of yourself stating that you are taking the pledge to shed the excess weight of life on your social media wall or ours. The video can be of you, your daughters, your sisters, or any group that you may be in. In the video we ask that you say the following; “hi my name is _________ and I’m taking the pledge to shed the excess weight in 2016.” Obviously, if it is a group you would say we’re taking the pledge.

Shedding the weight campaign 2016 is a virtual pledge that can be taken no matter where you are in the world. Year after year we run around looking for cards and gifts to tell others how much we love them on Valentine’s Day. While this is great, and I’m looking forward to doing the same again this year, I’ve also decided that I’m going to give myself a special gift as well. A COMMITMENT TO MYSELF TO INTENTIONALLY SHED SOME WEIGHT. SHEDDING THE WEIGHT SHOULD BE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT.she the weight 2

Prior to Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2016, take some time to decide exactly what weight you want to shed. Then you will  take the pledge on the website. The pledge will be posted at midnight of February 13th, 2016. Once you have taken the pledge, you will receive the Real Women Real Talk pillow, Wrist Band or T-shirt free, just for taking the pledge to shed the excess weight of life. We’re in this together. I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME AND, TOGETHER WE ARE REAL WOMEN WITH REAL WEIGHT! How much do you love yourself? The actual pledge online campaign is from February 14th, to February 28th, 2016.  You can complete the pledge, print it out and frame it. Your gift will be mailed within 10 business days of completing the pledge. We are excited about this campaign for two reason; 1. We believe, this campaign will ignite in women all over the world a desire to be the best self they can be in 2016 and forward; 2. When you complete the pledge you will then go on our mailing list to get information about our 5th Anniversary  Real Women Real Talk Roundtable Celebration. We are beyond excited about this and we hope you are too. You will also have an opportunity to opt out of receiving information if you like. Opting out will not prohibit you from receiving your gift for taking the pledge.

Excess weight can be fear, comparing yourself to others, molestation, excessive debt, bad relationships, undue frustration, abuse, obesity, eating at your desk during lunch when you could otherwise get out and get fresh air, making up excuses when you have plans, you name it. Share your story here if you like. The pledge is for you. Are you bold enough to acknowledge that need for weight loss? We will post daily weight busters leading up to and during the campaign on the Shedding The Weight Event Page on Facebook.  Invite your friends, your sisters, your daughters or any woman you know to join us. Let’s take the pledge in 2016 to love ourselves unconditionally and maximize our ability to live out loud. #RWRTLive #Sheddingtheweight

HAPPYshed the weight 3 VALENTINE’S DAY! Here’s a great idea. Create a heart on your mirror or wall at home of sticky notes of the weight you want to shed. Help us to make this an impactful campaign by sharing this page to your social media outlets and all of your friends. Let’s see how many pillows and t-shirts we can give away and how many lives we can I.M.P.AC.T.