I arose this morning with the intention of getting to the office and responding to two audits I received this week.  Often I tease Reba Pollitt, Senior Insurer, about being the Audit Police. I’m an underwriter and she is responsible for sending my files to FHA for further review when they ask.  However, she comes to me for any documentation needed, regarding my underwriting decision. Today, I would get to the office and beat her to the punch. This time of year I start trying to clean up my act so that I can go out with a bang and start the new year just as strong.

Doing just as I planned, I come into the office eager and ready to go. My phone rings. Who could be calling me first thing in the morning from a cell phone. Calling my business line no doubt. Oh well, I’m here. It’s ringing. I’ll answer. 

“Good morning Susan speaking. My I help you. Susan, Bob. How are you this morning? Wonderful. How are you? I’m doing pretty good he said.  Then he told me. I wanted you to hear from me before you read the email. Reba Pollitt died last night. Her son went to her house, went into the kitchen and found her on the floor dead.” – (I gasp and then there’s silence).  Are you there?  I couldn’t find the words. We talked a little while longer and then he said,  “I’ll see you shortly.” I couldn’t get it together for a few minutes. Reba was gone.rwrt5

I have no real point to this blog except to say, maximize the moments. Be kind. Be honest. Live free. Enjoy the seemingly small conversations. I.M.P.A.C.T. A Life whenever you can. Most of all don’t take your days for granted……






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