Good Morning Real Women – It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure myself. Recently I attended a workshop where I was forced to ask myself three (3) questions; What’s great? What’s missing and, Why are you here? In doing so, I began to realize more than ever, things are rarely black and white. What’s great actually stunned me. Do I have great things going on in my life? And, of all the things that I have going on, are they REALLY great? What makes something great? This was going to be a long session if I couldn’t get past the first question. OH LORD; In my grandsons voice.

Then there was the question, what’s missing? Now this was a million dollar question. To answer this, I had to know what was great. So, I began to write;  What’s great? My kids, My work, My love for laughter, My obsession with coffee, My ability to love, My home and more than anything, My ability to begin again. OK good.  Maybe nDance_in_the_Rainot the perfect answers to some but, I’m satisfied. Now the really hard question, what’s missing? Surprisingly not so hard at all.  If you are anything like me, we always know what’s missing. We just don’t know why. What’s missing? Fulfillment, Someone to love me back, Relationship….  Wait a minute, how could I have such a strong passion to love and yet no lover in my life. This was a question for superman. Oh, I don’t know him (lol). Perhaps I’ll ask God during my morning up of coffee. Immediately I heard, I’m here. I never left you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. My next thought; Is it your natural man looking for relationship or your spiritual man. Either way, to have a friend you must show yourself friendly.  Then I thought; I have a lot of work to do. Yup, me. A lot of work to do. It’s not over.

Well, don’t go anywhere. We still have to answer the question why are you here? This is easy for me. I’ve long thought of this question and, answering it is never a challenge. I’m here to revolutionize how man (male or female) thinks about himself.  It’s a passion I can’t shake. It’s the reason I do the Saturday morning blog talk show and more. I am both motivated and passionate about the subject. What about you? Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions. Sure, you may realize that there are areas in your life that need to be strengthened but, you will definitely rediscover your reason. I’m grateful for this challenge. Now I am specifically asking the questions relative to specific areas in my life.  I am, one day at a time, challenging myself to discover WHAT’S GREAT, WHAT’S MISSING AND WHY I AM HERE?  Love Susan – Real Women-Real Talk. #RWRTLive, #mgcc  susankeeministries@gmail.com, unspecified