unspecifiedWINNING IN RELATIONSHIPS; Have you ever been in a relationship that you thought was just great and then the person stopped calling, stopped coming by, and stopped seeking you out. You begin to reason within your mind that they have an issue or there was something that you did. Perhaps you don’t get along with them as well as you thought. The truth of the matter is; it requires a force within to pursue. Simply put, making a decision to stay to yourself, or do whatever you love to do, is easy. Extending yourself can be a very difficult task.  It looks flawless for some because they have practiced.

There are many areas in our life that demand more of us than what we think we have to give. Some things require finance; some things require assets that we don’t necessarily possess, other things, require help. For those particular things, the reality is, we can’t do it by ourselves we need others input. What you can do is, establish and create great relationships.  You can do this by answering the phone, responding to a text, letting someone know how much you care, or even sharing your gifts and talents.

There are so many personalities out there in the world. There are those that obviously we mesh well with, and yet, there are others that may rub us the wrong way.  This is no different than the pearl that requires the rubbing of sand (friction) to be perfected. Those relationships where the person agrees with everything you say and, they want to do whatever you are doing, generally do not expose you to greater.  It’s the challenging relationships where the contradiction comes in that one should thrive for.  When seemingly people are the opposite of maybe who you are, or when a person does not necessarily agree with everything you’re saying.  These relationships force you to dig deeper in order to endure.  While they can be a struggle, ultimately they are rewarding.  Yes, they may require more work and one may have to extend themselves beyond themselves to make the relationship work.  But, relationship building is a choice. Your ability to get along and to create great relationships is based on your ability to love unconditionally. Give yourself permission to WIN IN RELATIONSHIPS! I HAVE…..



  1. God puts opposites together so that each person can see things from the other perspective. It’s like buying a pair of shoes. We need the left and the right shoe in order to walk things out perfectly. If we both see things the same way, somebody said, one of us is unnecessary.


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