THERE’S GOT TO BE MORE – This morning I wanted to post “there’s got to be more” but felt you would hear the uncertainty in my penmanship concerning next. Now I know why they call it the five (5) year itch. However, I don’t think it actually happens in the 5th year. I think the itch happens when you’re entering the 5th year.  There are 4 seasons in a year.  Each season represents a turn, a change. Winter is our cold but sterilizing period. Spring is our creative and launching period. Summer is when we are in our fullness and fall is when all that can’t stand what’s to come, falls off.  At least this is my take on the 4 seasons. Once you have experienced all of this where do you go?  The reality is, winter starts again and, once again you endure a cold and sterilizing period. A period, by the way, that is much needed if you are to be your authentic self (rid of free radicals). It’s the greatest time to be in touch with your creator and to be healed. What makes me nervous is that, I also know change is inevitable. You sense greatness and what God has for you but, you fear responsibility, the what if’s and more. Stop listening to the voices and move with the season. THERE is where the fullness of the Godhead bodily (the full of God) is revealed #sheddingtheweight #RWRTLive 




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