imagesWithin the last 30 days two of my co-workers, females, have had a heart attack. Unfortunately, one is no longer with us, and the other is in the hospital. To say the least, both have caused me to pause and to rethink things. As women, we are challenged to be great. Either because we are proving that we can perform the task at hand just as good, as any man or, we’ve made some choices that demand a great deal of our time and energy. Learning to balance both can be overwhelming.  Proving that we can do a job as great as any man is a fallacy. There are jobs that men do well and, there are jobs that women do well, either way better than should never be a reason. Men are built different and have the ability to handle somethings that women just can’t and for the most part, don’t want to handle. Somewhere along the line we have gotten off track trying to prove our worth, at least in my mind. I have read articles after articles that shout we don’t need men or that we don’t need any help. There are somethings I just don’t want to do. Nancy Reagan said it best, when she said, “It takes a village”.

I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of flak from the feminist movements, and others. I don’t care. A man can tell you he can nurture a child as good as any women but, I have to tell you it’s just not true. He can supply a need, he can love and, he can definitely gather the resources and there may be no lack but, nurturing is a women’s gift. Just like protecting and covering is a man’s.  To believe this, you would have to believe in the biblical order for things. Therefore, as I see it, it’s not really up for discussion. I simply want to say, ladies, take care of you.  Do what you can, and get help where you need it.  Don’t try to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. Never letting him forget he’s a man well, I don’t think you should.  Just like I don’t think he should let you forget you’re a woman.Heart_Attack_warning_women

Lastly, if it’s too much, no matter what it is, know your limits and still push your boarders and reach for new heights. You are great and, you can do great things, just don’t sacrifice your health for it.  I’ll miss you Reba.  Get well soon ML. #RWRTLive #sheddingtheweight


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