imagesWithin the last 30 days two of my co-workers, females, have had a heart attack. Unfortunately, one is no longer with us, and the other is in the hospital. To say the least, both have caused me to pause and to rethink things. As women, we are challenged to be great. Either because we are proving that we can perform the task at hand just as good, as any man or, we’ve made some choices that demand a great deal of our time and energy. Learning to balance both can be overwhelming.  Proving that we can do a job as great as any man is a fallacy. There are jobs that men do well and, there are jobs that women do well, either way better than should never be a reason. Men are built different and have the ability to handle somethings that women just can’t and for the most part, don’t want to handle. Somewhere along the line we have gotten off track trying to prove our worth, at least in my mind. I have read articles after articles that shout we don’t need men or that we don’t need any help. There are somethings I just don’t want to do. Nancy Reagan said it best, when she said, “It takes a village”.

I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of flak from the feminist movements, and others. I don’t care. A man can tell you he can nurture a child as good as any women but, I have to tell you it’s just not true. He can supply a need, he can love and, he can definitely gather the resources and there may be no lack but, nurturing is a women’s gift. Just like protecting and covering is a man’s.  To believe this, you would have to believe in the biblical order for things. Therefore, as I see it, it’s not really up for discussion. I simply want to say, ladies, take care of you.  Do what you can, and get help where you need it.  Don’t try to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. Never letting him forget he’s a man well, I don’t think you should.  Just like I don’t think he should let you forget you’re a woman.Heart_Attack_warning_women

Lastly, if it’s too much, no matter what it is, know your limits and still push your boarders and reach for new heights. You are great and, you can do great things, just don’t sacrifice your health for it.  I’ll miss you Reba.  Get well soon ML. #RWRTLive #sheddingtheweight


I’m A Finisher;

woman-and-starting-line-in-raceGET ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! For those of you who have been waiting, here it is. I declared in 2016 I was shedding the weight and it has started. In examining the weight I want to shed, I have to say that I have known for a while that, I AM A FINISHER. I’m going to confess right now. My issue has never been finishing anything, it has always been starting.  For some reason it is so hard for me to start almost anything that will require in depth work. It just seems challenging at times to get started if I know going in it will be a long haul. Primarily because I put my all into everything I do. Unless it’s arranging flowers or decorating a room, I’m not always eager to jump in. Perhaps it’s because, I’m a finisher and once I dig in, I don’t want to stop until it’s finished. Yup; I’m that person. If I move into a house today, I’m unpacking the boxes right away and, within two to three days I have moved completely in.  Sometimes, depending on the time of day I arrive at the home, I could possibly finish in 24 hours.

Finishing has always been my strong suit. Starting is where I need help. Not sure why this is. Perhaps I have a deep fear that I won’t be able to finish thus pushing me to not stop until it is finished, hmmm!  It’s odd how I begrudge starting any project. The idea of committing so much of my time or, just knowing that I have to see it through once I start, sometimes overwhelms my mind. I begin to look at all my options and then tell myself what I will have to sacrifice once I start. The funny thing about all of this is I eventually start. I know, if I don’t start, I can’t do my favorite thing to do and that is, I can’t finish. Now for some, this may be an unusual circumstance, I’m not sure. What I do know is, recognizing your own personal challenge is required to get over the hump so you can begin to shed the excess weight of life that so easily besets you. The idea of shedding the weight can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. I’m not ashamed of this.  In fact, I’m ecstatic that I recognize it and I’m willing to own up to it. Now I think I’ll start….. shedding the weight that is. #sheddingtheweight