images Life has taught me to realize that people can often leave you with a feeling of dissolution. They pull on you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically for their own agenda.  In fact, if you’re not careful, you look up, and your days have been spent doing it their way.  What I love about a good sense of self, self-worth and love, yes I meant to say what I love about love, is that it drives away all fear.  Fear equals; doubt, shame, embarrassment, disappointment, mediocrity, ignorance, depression, etc., etc., etc.  Well, you get the idea. Anything opposite of love is fear. If it’s not fear itself, it produces fear and, therefore, is the bi-product of fear.  I’m just glad I understand what drives me and why I love.  Yes, I’m still discovering what I love, but in doing so, I refuse to stop being love or receiving love.  I listened to the new Foresight CD by Stephen Kee-Author and, it reminded me of love.  “What’s it all about Alfie?” image001

 At the end of the day the CD makes you laugh, cry, smile and definitely ponder life.  It challenges you to live from the inside out and, to be authentic in your responses.   Being honest about where you find yourself in life is a natural expectation after hearing this CD. The lyrical composition, sultry jazz of Terri Kee and acoustic funk forces you to let your creative juices flow.  You can’t help but to tap into you. More than anything, this CD makes you realize you are no “STRANGER” to life.  It challenges you to live from the inside out and, reminds you to get out of your “COMFORT ZONE”. Moreover, you realize, you are “BETTER THAN THIS”. Stephen’s wife Stacy’s decision to sing on the CD reminds us that love and trust are one. Yeah Man!

#Kee2Life #foresight

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