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a new dayEXPRESS YOURSELF!After all that I’ve been through, I can still say yes. Yes to His will, Yes to His way. The thought comes to me that looking or being normal is overrated.  Besides, if I am to finish the book I started in 1986, I know, a long time coming; you would have read that the title is “Trying to Survive in a World Called Normal”.   Discovering who we are meant to be can be an uphill battle when your beginning did not come with instructions or, parents that were already routed and grounded in a belief. In other words, there are many people that for whatever reason started life with what I would call an unusual upbringing, unusual to me because it was not mine.  However, that doesn’t mean it was not normal. Normal is overrated. Many of you go day in and day out trying to live life the way others have decided life should be lived. This is primarily because you may not have ever been told that you were perfect as you are that, the only changes needed in your life were the changes God made not man. In trying to obtain this normalcy, you may have gone through many unnecessary things afraid to be who you really are. The “You” you were meant to be. At this point in life, you realize who you are who you are, and you find yourself challenged with the question internally of what should I do with my life?  To you I say “EXPRESS YOURSELF”. It’s never too late to walk in your own shoes.

Excerpt taken from my book “Trying To Survive In A World Called Normal” – to be released in 2016. 

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