My Morning Cup;

WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO? – Time and experience has shown me that my desires determine what I am attracted to. Many of us are familiar with the saying you are what you eat. Well, how about this? What if I told you, you are what you are attracted to? Could that be true? I’m having a hard time with this cup of coffee. Yet, I notice that, as myblueberry muffin an dcoffee desire for wisdom increases, the things that I once yearned for decreases. In other words, my desires are not what they were as recent as just six months ago. There is a scripture that says He will give you the desires of your heart if you delight yourself in Him. That scripture is Psalm 37:4. Of course, that is not a direct quote since I rearranged the sentence but, it says the same nonetheless. Could this mean that the more you desire Him, He in fact tells you what to desire? Could this mean that the things you are attracted to determine where you are in your relationship with Him? I decided not to answer this question for you and to give you the opportunity to ask yourself WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACT TO? It might just determine who you really are. Probably important to understand is that there are things we are attracted to that we prefer not to be attracted to. (Been there done that). Fear not my friend. As you begin to pay more attention to your needs and the things that make you smile, you will begin to yearn for the things that make you smile. Discovery is everything. Breathe, relax, then discover. YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

MY MORNING CUP OF COFFEE “Lord all my desire is before Thee; and my groaning is not hid from Thee.” Psalm 38:9.

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